Dyno Work

To see an example of a bike on our Dyno, please use the link below.

Dyno Run TLR

(We would like to thank Iain Smith for supplying this video footage)

Dyno Services

Dyno Assessment

Dyno Labour - per hour

Power Commander or Interceptor remapping service

We will give you a set price for your personal refuelling requirements on your request.

Injector Clean, Match & Balance

On the latest generation of Lambda controlled, Fuel Injected, Engine Management Systems used in today's modern motorcycles, correct diagnosis of the complete system is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.

The Fuel Injectors and their individual performance are now one of the major components to be considered when diagnostically analysing any system for “combustion related” problems, especially if problem is related to Performance and Fuel Economy.

“Injector Diagnostics”, a Testing & Servicing programme from Seton Tuning, where the injectors Fuel Distribution, Fuel Droplet Formation, Fuel Atomisation and Fuel Delivery, are all visually and physically checked and tested as the starting point, rather than a last resort.

The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced, before re-testing, ensuring all the injectors are performing as a matched, balanced set.

The Seton Injector Matching Service provides our customers with fuel injection tuning, taken to the ULTIMATE level.

The Lambda sensor which is used on today's Dynos for performing fuelling set-ups, takes an average reading from ALL four cylinders. Imagine if only one cylinder is over fuelling (TOO RICH) by only 10%. This means that the other three cylinders could be TOO LEAN by -3.33% each. 

Although the overall average may be ideal fuelling set-up from the Dyno, by having at least one cylinder running rich and un-matched to the others, there will be a significant horsepower LOSS.

Servicing Injectors will improve performance and also save time and money on Service and Repair bills, prolong the life of Inlet & Exhaust Valves, Piston Compression Rings, Lambda/Oxygen Sensors and the Catalytic Exhaust System.

Please feel free to call and discuss how tying in this service with our Dyno set-up services, will give you the best results and will provide you with the PEAK performance you require.

Price to test and clean a single 'loose' injector: £16.00 excl VAT


We can supply a large selection of aftermarket parts a large number of makes and models of bike.  If you are looking for something specific please call or email us. 

As racers ourselves we have tried and tested many different products.  If you would like to discuss your requirements with us please call us on 01206 866400. 

Every item that we use on our own race bikes is available from us.

We also supply a huge range of aftermarket parts from the following manufacturers:

  • MHP exhaust systems
  • Bike Interceptor Fuelling control module
  • DBR Rearsets and Clip-ons
  • Aim Data logging
  • BDK Race Generators
  • MWR air filters
  • Venhill Brake hoses and Quick action throttles
  • GPR Steering dampers
  • SBS Brake pads
  • K-Tech Suspension
  • Powerbronze Screens
  • Pro Fibre Race bodywork
  • JT Sprockets
  • EK and Regina Chains
  • PFM Disks
  • Stomp Grip
  • Y.E.C Yamaha racing parts
  • Sigma Slipper Clutch
  • Nova racing gearbox
  • Magura Master Cylinders
  • Motec
  • Racing Batteries
  • GB Racing Crash protection
  • Morris Oils
  • Samco Sport Silicone hoses

(Don't forget we can source almost anything if you have a specific requirement!)

Crash Repair

We all make mistakes, and we will fix your bike back together when these things happen! Get in touch to arrange a booking on 01206 866400.



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